Empower your business with Smart Work

Document Workflow Management

IDPBot handles the entire document workflow, from capture and classification to extraction and storage. This feature provides a comprehensive view of the document processing status, enabling better management and control.

Automated Data Processing

IDPBot automates data processing according to predefined policies, saving time and ensuring consistency and compliance in document management.

Data Validation Time Reduction

IDPBot significantly reduces the time spent by humans on data validation. By automating this process, IDPBot ensures data accuracy while freeing up human resources for more strategic tasks.

We don't just offer a 100% accurate document AI system; we excel in several areas

Automated Data Processing and Communication

Our IDPBot is capable of capturing documents from various sources, including emails, scanners, and cloud storage. It handles different document formats like PDFs, Word documents, Excel files, and images. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, IDPBot automatically classifies documents into predefined categories, minimizing the need for manual sorting. It learns from previous interactions, continuously improving accuracy and efficiency.

Integration Capabilities

IDPBot seamlessly integrates with various business applications and systems, facilitating smooth data flow and enhancing overall business efficiency. It can extract data from documents in any format and from different channels, be it scanned images, PDFs, or digital documents. The system constantly improves its performance and accuracy through learning from human interactions, accommodating the unique needs and workflows of your business.

Error Reduction and Data Security

IDPBot significantly reduces data entry errors that could lead to costly charges and penalties. This ensures a higher level of accuracy and efficiency in document processing. Additionally, IDPBot ensures that all processed documents are stored securely and maintains a complete audit trail of all actions, ensuring compliance with regulations.

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Intelligent Document Processing: The fast lane to an AI-powered Enterprise

With Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) BOT makes Scanning, Extraction, and Integration of data easy and simple. It helps humans in doing smart work instead of simple data entry work. IDP Bot uses advanced AI to capture and classify data and is also capable to adapt to changing document formats. This means this makes the system more versatile and highly efficient to handle a variety of styles and layouts. IDP BOT is designed to deal with the modern complexities of data processing and management.

What make IDP Bot an intelligent Data Processing AI?

IDP Bot AI system is an advanced and automated framework designed to handle vast amounts of data efficiently and intelligently. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and neural networks, these systems can ingest, analyze, and interpret data from diverse sources rapidly.

The core strength of IDP Bot data processing system lies in its ability to extract meaningful insights from the data, enabling businesses and organizations to make informed decisions. By detecting patterns, trends, and anomalies, it empowers users to identify opportunities, optimize processes, and mitigate risks.

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How Do We Stand Different from Other IDP?


  • Deliver 100% data accuracy
  • Works 60% faster than other leading IDP systems
  • Human in the loop correction possible

Complex Forms

  • Improved Data Recognition
  • Multi Table Data
  • Data from Checkbox Selections

Human in the Loop

  • Better Human in the loop interface
  • Easily correct misidentified data
  • Rich interface for detection On boarding new documents in hours not weeks